The strength move you’ve been waiting for!

Yes, get excited, I’m FINALLY posting my favorite strength move that I left you all with a teaser for last week! Sorry for the wait (weight?? hehe) – my mom is in town this week, so I hired her on as my photographer for the morning. Good things she accepts payment in muffin form 😉

I started doing this move this summer and it’s awesome. Not only does it tone your arms (both through the push up AND with the extra weighted move), but it also tones your core as it works to keep you stabilized.

Weighted Push Up with Arm Lift

(ummm yeah clearly I couldn’t think of what to name this!)


1) First, you need some weights that have a square edge so you aren’t rolling all over the place. I picked these up at Target for a few bucks, but most gyms have them too. I use 5 or 6 lb weights for this move, but feel free to adjust that!


2) Get into a plank position with your hands holding/on top of your weights. (Now do you see why you need square weights?? 🙂 ) Your feet should be about shoulder distance apart. Be sure to keep your abs tight and lifted to support your lower back.



3) Next, lower yourself into a pushup – try to get your body perfectly parallel to the floor in a straight line. Make sure your hips don’t droop down and that your abs are still tight. This is really hard to hold for a picture!! 🙂


4) Raise yourself back up into a plank, and then lift one of your arms straight up. Your hand should come just about to your waist, and your elbow should stay perpendicular to the floor and tight in to your body. Hold for a few seconds, and then lower your arm back down.


5) After stabilizing yourself in plank pose again, do another push up, then lift the other arm. Continue repeating, alternating arms in between push ups, until your are tired! 🙂

Congratulatory thumbs up, obviously:



It’s sunny out again today – thank goodness! I’m off to pilates, back for lunch and some editing work, and then off to my long Organic Chem day – class from 3-4:30, lab from 5-8. Blech!

Have a great day friends!

p.s. My Sweet Potato Lentil Chili is awesome with salsa and cilantro on top. Mmmmm!!



9 Responses

  1. We love this move! David of course has to be obnoxious with his weight. Also try the last set lifting the weight all the way up as if doing side plank..its that extra kick. We also love eagle abs btw…shout out!

    PS: love the look of your chili…minus the cilantro of course!
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG, its my morning ritual now 🙂

    • Yayyyy I heart you! We will have to teach each other more moves again when I’m out there in January!! That was fun last time 🙂 Good call on the side plank addition – I will try that!

      Totally eating cilantro RIGHT NOW 😉

  2. this is a favorite strength move of mine too! Thanks for reminding me. I have to get square weights though!

  3. I try to do some sort of push-ups everyday, and these look great. I should start adding this to my routine.
    p.s. love the blog! Can’t wait to keep reading.

  4. O . . . M . . . G . . . Anne you are awesome, I think I am quite a bit a ways away from doing that move! I have tiny little arms.

  5. […] as I did yesterday. Leg lifts, push-ups, and crunches. I’ve been meaning to try Anne’s arm strengthening moves for a while. Maybe I will incorporate those into the routine […]

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