Hello long lost blog friends! What a busy weekend I’ve had!!


The drive down to UNC for their MPH – Nutrition open house on Friday was SO worth it. We got to hear from the heads of the program, some of the professors/admissions officers, and even some of the current students who came to do a question and answer panel. It was really helpful to get concrete information about prerequisites, applying, etc., and of course to just BE there and meet everyone and get a feel for the program. Apparently they have the #2 MPH program in the country. Crazy! The other programs I’m looking into result in an MS instead of an MPH, so that’s interesting.


I’m definitely going to apply, so we’ll see what happens! I’m going out to Washington State in January to check out some programs there, too.

It was also fun to see my friend Amy and her husband Patrick! After the info sessions on Friday, Amy and I wandered around town and the campus some. It was so warm out it felt like summer! We got popsicles 🙂


Purdy campus…


013 014

I’m obsessed with pumpkins 🙂


I drove back to DC on Friday after dinner – yick. I was so tired and bored! There was lots of calling friends to chat, dance parties by myself, and listening to a book on CD I got from the library. 😉

Yesterday I met up with my “little sister” from my sorority! She’s in town this weekend to run the Marine Corps Marathon! I just got word she finished strong in 4:23 and beat Oprah 😉 CONGRATS JULIE!!!


Last night’s shenanigans involved dinner, drinks, and a last minute to decision to see “Paranormal Activity” with a bunch of friends to get into the Halloween spirit 😉 Have you guys seen it yet?? Um, it was super scary. Especially to come back home to an empty house. Eeeeeeeek! It reminded me a lot of Blair Witch Project!

Ashley and I went running this morning – it’s finally nice out again after all the rain we’ve been having! It felt SO good to get out there in the nice weather and get moving. Now I’m trying to get homework and editing work for my job and all that stuff I totally neglected Friday and yesterday done!


I’m going to a Haunted Forest tonight and I can’t wait! I absolutely love Halloween and all this scary stuff 🙂 However, I need ideas for Halloween costumes!!!

What are you being for Halloween? Do you have any ideas for me?? 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun new recipe!


7 Responses

  1. I’m being a giant chicken. I feel lame because it’s my costume from 2 years ago but I’m at a completely different school so at least no one will know it’s a rewear. By complete coincidence, it turns out my roomie also owns a giant chicken costume and brought it with him to college across the country, haha

    • Lol, that’s AWESOME. i totally need a giant chicken costume. are you going to both wear them and go out together?? that’d be hilarious.

  2. There’s a popsicle store there? That’s awesome.

    I got nothing for the Halloween thing. I think I’ve been a cowgirl for the past three years.

  3. I love all your Halloweeness. And NCness. Particularly of the Heels variety. 😉

  4. What, Oprah ran a marathon???

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