Omg, the designer jeans/wine party was SO MUCH FUN!! I wish you all could have been here, we had such a blast!!

Backtracking to earlier, I got home around 5 p.m. from Chem class. It was like Christmas because I had an awesome package waiting for me!!!


The lovely people at Chobani sent me a bunch of their flavored yogurts to sample!! I’m super excited because I LOVE Chobani and have never tried any of these flavors before. I immediately busted open the peach, which was great.


Usually I go for the plain Greek yogurt and mix in fresh fruit, but now that a lot of the juicy fruits are going out of season (peaches, berries, etc.), it’s not as fun. So I’m excited to be trying these flavored ones. This peach one was very tasty – sweet but not too sweet, and with a yummy amount of chopped peaches involved. Thick and creamy, too. Yay!

Stay tuned because I’ll be doing a giveaway soon for one lucky reader to win a case of Chobani to try for themselves!

So after I ate the yogurt, I was like… OH CRAP!!!!!!!! The house was not exactly tidy, and I had zero food prepared and a zillion friends coming over in 2.5 hours. Gah!!


I started to freak out, but then a fun song came on the radio so I danced instead. 🙂


Yeah, you know.

And then I got to baking!!


I made three amazing appetizers and they were all completely destroyed by the end of the night.

Here are a bunch of us among the awesome jeans (missing a few people… I’m in the chair!):


Do you like my new jeans??? They’re Rock & Republic 🙂


You can’t tell in the picture, but the back pockets are fun and sparkly rhinestones in person 🙂 Shiny things = awesome.


Okay… I must get some sleep. Stay tuned tomorrow to see the recipes for my fun appetizers! Let’s just say there was a lot of pumpkin involved 😉

Nighty night!


13 Responses

  1. mmmmm pumpkin 🙂 i finally carved one with my roomies tonight! our dorm smells so good because we cooked the seeds too!!! booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere 😉 haha sorry, bad song. but you look hot in them jeans!!!

    • oooo that’s awesome!! i want to cook the seeds from mine once halloween is over. sadly i didn’t get the chance to carve it this year… that’s one of my favorite things to do, too!

  2. I LOVE the new jeans! Work it! Also, I have yogurt envy…I just restocked my Oikos stash, but they do not have PINEAPPLE. I spied a pineapple in your stash. Yes, I have the eyes of an eagle.

  3. OMG! What could be better than a wine /designer jeans party! Sounds so fun and totally loving your new jeans!!

  4. I just tried flavored nonfat Greek yogurt for the 1st time this week! It was pomegranate and it was yummy. Keep me posted on the best flavors! Also, send me the pic of us all from last night! 🙂

  5. jeans parties would be the END of me! i would want to buy each and every pair…including the cute pair you have on. love it!

    mmm greek yogurt…how i love thee!

  6. Try the pineapple. omg it is soooo good!!1

    Love the new jeans. Rock and republic are so cute!

  7. I need to know more about this jeans party. Is it like Pampered Chef? Can anyone have them? Where do the jeans come from?

    • Yeah! My friend Josh from high school gets designer jeans wholesale and then resells them at these parties. Pretty awesome! If you’re in DC I’d be happy to pass on his info 🙂

  8. Hi Anne…all of Chobani would like to thank you for your review of Chobani Greek Yogurt. It’s wonderful to have such great participation from the blogging community. We are thrilled you enjoyed them so much. I look forward to sending a case of Chobani to your giveaway winner!

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