Bloody Devil (in a cute dress)

Happy Halloween everyone!! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend.

I went to a costume party last night, so I finally had to figure out some sort of Halloween costume!

First, I tried on the black wig and vampire teeth I bought earlier in the week to fuel my Twilight obsession 😉

… It was a total bust. The wig was completely nasty, and the teeth made it so that I couldn’t speak to anyone without severe slobbering and slurring. Sexy, right? So… what to do!?!?


I found an old French maid outfit from college buried in my closet. Tried it on… and promptly decided I probably shouldn’t leave the house dressed like that anymore. 😉


Then I found some devil horns, and remembered my cute red bridesmaid dress from my high school BFF’s wedding last summer… and devil it was!! Look, Jenny, I totally wore the dress again!! 🙂 AND the shoes!

Here’s my evil devil face… I know, I’m totally scary.


I put some lipstick “blood” dripping down one side of my mouth for good measure. 😉


And off I went! I met up with my friends Heidi and Ashley and a couple others to start out the night before going to the party. We took a cute normal picture…


And then one in “character”, hehe. Apparently I think devils eat people (… and wear dresses).


Mmmm blood adult beverages 😉


It was a fun night!! I’m super excited for today too, because the cul-de-sac where I live is having a HUGE block party complete with all sorts of decorations, music, food, drinks, etc. One of the neighbors is making an awesome haunted house in their garage and a graveyard in their front yard! So fun. I love Halloween 🙂

And… I have an AWESOME costume for tonight!! My other neighbor invited me over to peruse her costume closet (they’ve been going to costume parties since the 60s and have some great costumes) and I found the cutest costume ever. Check back later to see what it is 😉

Oh, what’s that? You want to see some actual food? Have no fear… appetizer #2 from Thursday night’s party will be up shortly 🙂

Oh, and one more thing.. I’m in love with pineapple Chobani. It’s official! You must try this. SO GOOD!! Definitely my fave so far!



4 Responses

  1. Great array of costumes.
    And I had one of those yogurts at lunch–theyre just the best

  2. Very creative use for a bridesmaid dress!

    I cannot find the pineapple flavor around here and I am dying to try it. I’ve emailed Chobani twice with no reply!

  3. Glad you were able to re-use the dress and shoes, even if it was as a devil! lol.

  4. ahahaha, you tha cutest little devil EVER!

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