Sidewalk: 1. Anne: 0.

Okay so this is going to be a totally random post. Get ready 😉

1) I went out for a run today at 10 a.m. Yes, 10 a.m. One of my favorite things about working from home and being in school is being able to run in the late morning. The sun is shining, it’s warmer, and it’s just generally awesome.

So today I went out for a run in my hilly neighborhood. I went without my headphones or anything and it was great to just listen to the sounds of nature (and trucks… whatever) and I was thinking about how lovely it was outside, brilliant sunshine, cold but crisp, the kind of day I dreamed about while I was living in Prague last winter (it’s really gray there in the winter). When all of a sudden… the sidewalk came up to attack me. Vicious sidewalk. What did I do to you? And then…


I fall flat on my face. Yep, the whole, hands out in front, skidding on knees type of fall you used to have all the time when you were little. You know what my thoughts were? First – “Thank goodness I’m wearing my Road ID!” Then – “Crap, this better not have messed up my favorite Lululemon running pants!!” And then, finally “Ouch.”It was actually pretty funny. I landed (skidded) in a huge pile of leaves, and was totally covered with them after. LEAF MONSTER!!

Here’s the damage:


Damn you, sidewalk. You have won this round. But I’ll be back!!

You can’t tell in the picture, but the right knee is mega puffy. Sexy. I also picked some gravel out of my hands. I think the 12 year old in me is proud 😉

But you know I didn’t let it ruin my run 😉 I got up, brushed myself off, and once I decided my legs felt fine besides being scraped up I continued on my way!

Oh, and since you were wondering, my Lululemon pants are fine. 😉

2) My prize for winning Caitlin’s BSI pancake mix contest with my Special Ingredient Falafel arrived yesterday!!


She sent a fun package that included some milled flaxseed (yay I’m almost out of mine!), OhSheGlows Glo-nola, and some Vega drink mix! Thanks, Caitlin!

3) I’ll be conducting my Chobani yogurt giveaway TOMORROW! I’ll also provide reviews for the rest of the yogurt flavors I tried. Get pumped!

I’m off to relax – it’s chilly and cloudy here now in DC, and I have already put on sweatpants and have plans to make my Veggie-tastic Minestrone Soup again for dinner!

What’s your best falling down/wipeout story?? I was always terrified of falling in the cafeteria at college, but thankfully I never did.


12 Responses

  1. oh man, bummer on the fall but it definitely sounds like something all of our inner 12 yr olds would be proud of. 😉

    Great prize pack!

  2. Awww Im so sorry about that mean sidewalk. I usually entertain the heavens daily with my grace…in fact in high school they called me grace. I have too many falling stories, including ones that result in holes in my jeans at the knees the a-natural way! I hope you heal quickly!

  3. 😀 Now that I admitted my laughter to you via twitter, I am going to laugh on your blog. But, glad you are ok, my dear. So glad.

    • hehe it’s cool, i would have laughed if i’d seen me, too 😉 sadly only one car had that pleasure… and they didn’t even stop! jerks!

  4. Two weeks ago I went down in the final half mile of a six mile run. Not to worry it was right at a busy instersection during rush hour. After scraping my knees, hands and head (that’s right, I scraped my head as I attempted the “tuck-n-roll”) I got up and finished the run…with blood running down my legs. It was pretty awesome (note the sarcasm). It hurt to walk for a week. Wish I could have seen it…I’m sure it was hilarious!

  5. Ive so been there…My sport of choice is biking, so a few months ago i was doing one of my long rides, I was in the middle of a major intersection and just totally bit it hard. I wasn’t even moving!! Total stand still and just flopped over. I was clipped in too, so was really hard to get up. I was kinda thrashing around in the middle in the intersection trying to get up really fast. Ha..I must have looked so ridiculous. I crossed the finish line with some bloody knees and a big smile on my face=)

    Thanks for sharing your story! That sounded like one massive fall! Glad your ok though!!

    • Oh my gosh I did that once with biking, too. I was trying to jump a curb, and I completely misjudged, flipped headfirst over my bike, and slammed both knees into the curb. It was a disaster! I wasn’t able to run again for months, and my knee STILL hurts now (four years later?) when i crouch or bend it fully without stretching massively first. Bah! It took me 2 years to be able to do child’s pose again!!

      • oh no!!! that sounds sssooo painful! ouch!! I hope your ok now and that its fully healed. Falls off a bike can be a bit scary!

  6. Aww, Anne! That sucks 😦

    I fell on the Capital Crescent Trail once. Just tripped over my own feet while running. My legs have never really gotten back to what they once were, scars galore. ick.

  7. […] and check out how sexy my knee is now as a result of my epic wipeout last […]

  8. I wiped out two weeks ago coming down a big hill on Adams Mill Rd..going on toHarvard Rd and the Zoo. Lots of cars around and I was bleeding all over my legs!!!

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