Rock scrambling the weekend away :)

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂 I went hiking yesterday with my friend Ashley and a bunch of people from a hiking club I belong to – it was so awesome!!


GORGEOUS weather, and beautiful views. We hiked about 10 miles – holy crap – which included lots of fun rock scrambling and extreme uphill and downhill!


The hike was in Luray, VA, which is about two hours from DC. Virginia is so beautiful! It’s awesome how close hikes like this are to the city.



We did a big loop which included two offshoot rock scrambles up both Duncan Knob and Strickler Knob. If you’re in the DC area, I highly recommend this hike. It was strenuous, but SO fun. The rock scrambling is my favorite part!

Duncan Knob’s elevation is 2,200 ft, and Strickler Knob’s is 2,240 ft! Hot damn! 🙂


Goofing around at the top of the first peak, obviously.


What a fun day. This is definitely one of my new favorite hikes in the DC area. Nothing better than sitting on top of a mountain on a gorgeous day 🙂 Met some really cool new people, too!


We were gone from about 7 a.m. until 8 p.m., which included almost 7 hours of hiking plus a pit stop for much needed dinner & shenanigans once we got out of the park!

I came home, showered, and basically passed out immediately, which meant my hair looked ridiculous today because I slept with it wet 😉

I’m off to run some errands! Tonight I’m going downtown with some friends to see a play, “The Alchemist,” at the Shakespeare Theatre. I’m super excited.

Ta-ta, friends! What did you do this weekend?


Don’t forget to enter my Chobani yogurt giveaway if you haven’t already! You have until tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. when I will draw the winner 🙂 Also, I found out that the lovely Katy at These Beautiful Feet is also doing a Chobani giveaway right now! Head on over to her blog for a second chance to win. Two chances are better than one, right?! 🙂


Little Bo Peep lost her sheep, but found beer!

Check out this awesome costume from the depths of my neighbor’s closet!


Hehe. Yep, Little Bo Peep!! My neighbors have been going to costume parties since like the 60s and have a HUGE closet full of costumes, most of them at least partially home-made! Apparently this one goes back to the 70s, and the original pink dress (before she cut it in the front and sewed the laces in… and obviously without the undershirt and apron!) was what my neighbor wore to her debutante ball!! So cool 🙂 Fit perfectly, too.

I had a blast at the cul-de-sac Halloween party – all the neighbors helped out and created a huge haunted house in one of the neighbor’s garages!


It was really awesome! There was a vampire theme and it even included a poster of Edward and Bella, he he he. 😉

025  028 029 030 031 032 034 

Another neighbor’s garage was filled with all sorts of food, including almost 300 hot dogs!! I love hot dogs 🙂 While I don’t eat much meat, I’m not sure I could ever go fully vegetarian because of a) hot dogs, and b) BBQ. 😉 So yummy!!

I hung out at the house with the graveyard and the kegs (obviously) for most of the night 😉 All the parents bringing their kids around were like OMG… beer, yes please!! Haha.


We saw some seriously adorable costumes – I’d say a couple hundred people came to the block party!


Afterwards, I changed into another costume from my neighbor’s closet – a flapper dress and cute feather headband – and went out to another house party! Sadly the photos are on a friend’s camera, though 😦

Alright… back to work! I’ve been very productive today (finally)!

Come back tomorrow to see my final awesome appetizer recipe from Thursday’s party – PUMPKIN MUFFIN TOPS!!! Omg they were good.

Bye 🙂

Bloody Devil (in a cute dress)

Happy Halloween everyone!! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend.

I went to a costume party last night, so I finally had to figure out some sort of Halloween costume!

First, I tried on the black wig and vampire teeth I bought earlier in the week to fuel my Twilight obsession 😉

… It was a total bust. The wig was completely nasty, and the teeth made it so that I couldn’t speak to anyone without severe slobbering and slurring. Sexy, right? So… what to do!?!?


I found an old French maid outfit from college buried in my closet. Tried it on… and promptly decided I probably shouldn’t leave the house dressed like that anymore. 😉


Then I found some devil horns, and remembered my cute red bridesmaid dress from my high school BFF’s wedding last summer… and devil it was!! Look, Jenny, I totally wore the dress again!! 🙂 AND the shoes!

Here’s my evil devil face… I know, I’m totally scary.


I put some lipstick “blood” dripping down one side of my mouth for good measure. 😉


And off I went! I met up with my friends Heidi and Ashley and a couple others to start out the night before going to the party. We took a cute normal picture…


And then one in “character”, hehe. Apparently I think devils eat people (… and wear dresses).


Mmmm blood adult beverages 😉


It was a fun night!! I’m super excited for today too, because the cul-de-sac where I live is having a HUGE block party complete with all sorts of decorations, music, food, drinks, etc. One of the neighbors is making an awesome haunted house in their garage and a graveyard in their front yard! So fun. I love Halloween 🙂

And… I have an AWESOME costume for tonight!! My other neighbor invited me over to peruse her costume closet (they’ve been going to costume parties since the 60s and have some great costumes) and I found the cutest costume ever. Check back later to see what it is 😉

Oh, what’s that? You want to see some actual food? Have no fear… appetizer #2 from Thursday night’s party will be up shortly 🙂

Oh, and one more thing.. I’m in love with pineapple Chobani. It’s official! You must try this. SO GOOD!! Definitely my fave so far!



Omg, the designer jeans/wine party was SO MUCH FUN!! I wish you all could have been here, we had such a blast!!

Backtracking to earlier, I got home around 5 p.m. from Chem class. It was like Christmas because I had an awesome package waiting for me!!!


The lovely people at Chobani sent me a bunch of their flavored yogurts to sample!! I’m super excited because I LOVE Chobani and have never tried any of these flavors before. I immediately busted open the peach, which was great.


Usually I go for the plain Greek yogurt and mix in fresh fruit, but now that a lot of the juicy fruits are going out of season (peaches, berries, etc.), it’s not as fun. So I’m excited to be trying these flavored ones. This peach one was very tasty – sweet but not too sweet, and with a yummy amount of chopped peaches involved. Thick and creamy, too. Yay!

Stay tuned because I’ll be doing a giveaway soon for one lucky reader to win a case of Chobani to try for themselves!

So after I ate the yogurt, I was like… OH CRAP!!!!!!!! The house was not exactly tidy, and I had zero food prepared and a zillion friends coming over in 2.5 hours. Gah!!


I started to freak out, but then a fun song came on the radio so I danced instead. 🙂


Yeah, you know.

And then I got to baking!!


I made three amazing appetizers and they were all completely destroyed by the end of the night.

Here are a bunch of us among the awesome jeans (missing a few people… I’m in the chair!):


Do you like my new jeans??? They’re Rock & Republic 🙂


You can’t tell in the picture, but the back pockets are fun and sparkly rhinestones in person 🙂 Shiny things = awesome.


Okay… I must get some sleep. Stay tuned tomorrow to see the recipes for my fun appetizers! Let’s just say there was a lot of pumpkin involved 😉

Nighty night!


Awesome day today in the boonies of Virginia with my friend Steph. We had no class so we decided it was a good day to play 🙂

There was a little of this:



A dash of this:


(Jenna, I thought of you! 🙂 )


A healthy dose of this:



And lots of this:


So peaceful 🙂




Isn’t Virginia purdy? 🙂 I’m off to relax, I’m pooped after our big day! I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow (thank god!!!) and then heading to a friend’s wedding in MD. Should be a blast!

Don’t forget to check back to see some awesome baking fun later this weekend!! 🙂

Night 🙂